At EHK, we believe in the adage that customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job. We function in a very competitive world and our customers are very busy people with exacting standards. To retain their goodwill and patronage, we always go the extra mile.


EHK, along with sister company Valtrans Transportation Systems & Services, has always held up the standards of customer experience excellence in all aspects of customer service we undertake. This is how we won the Best Facility Management System 2004 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award), the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award in 2013, the Bizz Award in 2013 and the Sheikh Khalifa Award in 2014.


We have successfully modeled our customer satisfaction techniques on the management structure laid down by our sister company Valtrans, which delivers superior standards of housekeeping and cleaning services to the entire country.


With the UAE's mission to go green, many processes are following the e-route. EHK has introduced a brand new system where we can manage our staff through a common portal. All staff has their account populated by a list of tasks and job deliverables. This allows for complete transparency, taking care of customer expectations in real time, with customers having step-by-step approach to the progress of listed jobs. This has put us ahead of the competitive curve as we integrated technology for our customers who are on the move.


Our approach to customers is not just to anticipate their needs and deliver towards them, but to unswervingly keep our quality standards so high that our customers return to us time after time.