Car Wash- Water & Waterless

We are firmly on the environmental path and are cooperating with the government's mandate to save water due to dwindling water resources. Our staff is trained to use chemicals and microfibre cleaning towels to work with the surface of the car and clean it to a sparkling shine, all within 20 to 30 minutes, without wasting hundreds of litres of water. This eco-friendly waterless system of washing cars is approved by the government and reflects our own environmental protection systems, thus reducing UAE's carbon footprint.

A Waterless and Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Program

EHK Car Wash Services uses a waterless vehicle cleaning system that is both good for the environment and produces long-lasting results. What was once an aviation-grade technology designed to clean aircrafts is now a regular service enjoyed by our clients

Benefits of our Waterless Car Wash System

  • No water drips. The end result is residue and water spot-free, given the no-water cleaning system.
  • Leaves a protective finish. The amazing outcome of the cleaning process is punctuated by a clear finish that provides protection of your vehicle's paintwork against dirt, tar and sand. Frequent service prevents dirt from sticking, making each washing process faster as a result.
  • Showroom-standard finish. Your vehicle is not just completely clean and protected from dirt but also has a non-sticky polish quality that can compete with the best finishes out there.
  • Zero-erosion. Our non-acidic product is safe for materials such as chrome, alloy and GRP (glass fibre).
  • Gets stubborn marks out. Hard-to-remove streaks and black marks are easily lifted off your vehicle, making it look good as new.
  • Safe for acrylic and glass elements. Light and windscreen also gets a good gleaming finish, along with complete removal of debris such as bird droppings, tar and insects.
  • Can be used on waxed surfaces. The material does not penetrate through pre-applied vehicle protection like wax and other polishes, so you get to enjoy a clean vehicle that is in no danger of having its paint removed.
  • Safe for the environment. The waterless carwash system means zero pollution, thereby keeping rivers and its inhabitants safe from toxic contamination.

Water is an increasingly scarce resource and we believe that there are far better uses for water. Our product saves up to 2000 litres of water per 1 litre used. To create a fantastic synergy, we collaborated with a water charity so that we could give water back to those who are desperately in need of what we take so much for granted. We are donating 2000 litres of fresh drinking water to developing countries for every 1 litre of water used.