-Beach Attendants

The beach should be all about sun, sand and fun for your customer. Our beach attendants are fully trained and well aware that your guests' beach holiday shouldn't be interrupted by mediocre service. Our beach attendants are responsive, cheerful, quick to serve and have full F & B and housekeeping knowledge so that guests can avail of all facilities on the beach without having to walk back to the hotel for anything they may require. They are also trained for basic safety vigilance so that no guests suffer any heat-related mishap.

-Bellboy/Luggage Runner

From the moment you arrive at your destination, one of the first people you interact with is the bellboy/luggage runner. Your luggage is precious to you and our staff is trained to respect that and treat it with care and a smile. We offer affordable, reliable and efficient bellboy/luggage runner services for commercial and residential needs.


Your initial impression of hospitality service often begins at a concierge desk. A smiling, confident and sympathetic approach is only successful when combined with product knowledge and efficiency. Our concierge professionals are well-trained to respond to all manner of guests, from different countries and with different needs. Rest assured that you will have returning guests.

-Car-Washing Services

We are firmly on the environmental path and are cooperating with the government's mandate to save water due to dwindling water resources. Our staff is trained to use chemicals and microfibre cleaning towels to work with the surface of the car and clean it to a sparkling shine, all within 20 to 30 minutes, without wasting hundreds of litres of water. This eco-friendly waterless system of washing cars is approved by the government and reflects our own environmental protection systems, thus reducing UAE's carbon footprint.

-Domestic House Services

We respect our customers' lifestyle and acknowledge that their home is their most personal space. And it is for these reasons that we only send them highly trained and recommended domestic house staff. Apart from the obvious training skills in housekeeping, pet care and related tasks, they are also trained to interact in a personal yet professional and empathetic manner with the family - going above and beyond the call of duty when required. We understand the importance of providing domestic staff that meets more than just cleaning needs, as they are integrated into the daily fabric of a customer's life.

-General Public Area Cleaning

Cleanliness is crucial to every aspect of the hospitality business as well as to commercial and residential spaces. All our candidates are trained in various aspects of cleaning such as vacuuming, tile floor cleaning and polishing, toilet cleanliness, dusting, upholstery cleaning and do so while maintaining high personal hygiene standards. Hygienic work practices and highest levels of service etiquette are part of their training.


Our Housekeeping professionals are hardworking, meticulous and well-trained in the latest, most efficient and hygienic methods to an international standard. We recruit them from within the hospitality industry, as this is the ideal background to build a roster of housekeeping professionals used to a high standard environment of work. We ensure that all our housekeeping employees have relevant training and education certification. And we also further train them to understand EHK's exclusive quality standards. We understand that a housekeeping professional should suit your needs as well as be a cheerful, unobtrusive presence in your environment,we deliver.

-Kitchen Stewards

To produce great cuisine, the kitchen must run to military precision and high food-hygiene standards. Our staff is well-trained in basic food hygiene and HAACP principles. Our stewards are trained to efficaciously use kitchen cleaning appliances like glass and dishwashers along with chemical handling, keeping the utmost safety and hygienic standards in mind.

-Laundry Support

Ironing, washing, dry cleaning, cost effectiveness, environmental mindfulness, health and safety requirements, guest laundry and in-house laundry are the basic knowledge areas of our laundry support professionals. However, above and beyond all of these, we impress upon them that clothes are personal possessions of the guest. Also, in-house laundry represents the standards of quality of an organization. Treating these fabrics with the respect they deserve not only creates a good impression but also saves money payouts due to laundry disasters.

-Personal Butlers

There are few services that bridge the gap between professional and personal. A personal butler does just that. For a qualified personal butler, we maintain a strict requirement of qualities: honesty, respect, knowledge, efficiency, customer sensitivity, resourcefulness and hygiene. Only when an employee displays the right proportion of each of these qualities, do we send them out as personal butlers. We understand that a personal butler needs to be an extension of yourself. Our butlers fulfill this expectation.

-Restaurants and Banqueting

A constantly demanding environment with extreme competition, especially business hubs within the UAE, restaurants and banqueting are often considered integral parts of contributing to big business. Closely linked to the success of a restaurant or banquet room is the level of service provided to the customer. EHK not only excels at picking out the right people for these hospitality needs but we ensure that the training levels are scrupulously consistent in order to deliver excellent service every time.